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Baxter of California

About Baxter of California

Baxter of California is one of the oldest men’s grooming and hair styling brands. Many of the brands that Moquer carries are not even 10 years old yet, but Baxter of California has been founded in 1965. Back then it was not common to create grooming products specifically for men, like we are used to nowadays.

Baxter Finley started with the Super Shape, basically a moisturizer for men. That is how Baxter of California spearheaded an important trend of grooming products for men. Since then they launched many more products and they still occasionally launch new products.

Baxter of California and Moquer

Moquer started carrying the Baxter of California products a few months after the website launch in 2014. It is very simple, no self-respecting men’s shop can go without the Baxter of California products. For Moquer it was also the first brand that was not just a hair styling brand.

Nowadays Moquer sells almost all the Baxter of California products, because these affordable products are very popular with many men. For many men the products of Baxter of California are their first experience with professional grooming products.

The Baxter of California products

Baxter of California has many grooming products for men. Years of research showed that men’s skin is definitely different from women’s skin, so Baxter of California used research and nature to create natural products for men.

As they say themselves: ‘we are an old skool brand, but with a high-tech execution.’ Nowadays you cannot imagine the men’s grooming scene without Baxter of California. They literally have everything you need to take good care of yourself from head to toe.

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