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5 trendy men’s hairstyles for autumn/winter 2019

Even though it is still summer and nice outside, it does not hurt to think about the men’s hairstyle trends of this autumn and winter. An important indicator for these trends are the fashion shows of the big clothing brands. There we get a glimpse of the autumn and winter trends for men’s hair 2019.

First autumn/winter trend 2019: Shoulder length hair

jaren 90 lang haar najaarstrend 2019We often see that the autumn and winter hairstyling trends for men tend to include longer hair. Which is not very surprising because it is not a bad idea to have a bit longer hair when the temperatures are dropping in big parts in the world.

The first autumn trend of 2019 shows some kind of boyband look from the 1990’s. The hairstyle is long and touches almost the shoulder. In most cases you need straight or slightly wavy hair to pull of this look. When it comes to styling you do not need much. It is pretty straightforward but you need to be able to grow your hair this long.

When you are thinking about products to use for this autumn 2019 look, then you could consider a cream to make sure your hair does not get too dry and some added definition. Also a good shampoo and conditioner are important, because otherwise your hair will get to dry or greasy.

If you are not sure about all the differences between different kinds of hair styling products, then I recommend to read this blogpost first. Here I attempted to give a good breakdown of all the different types of products and what they are best used for.

Second autumn/winter trend of 2019: Swept back wet look

swept back wet look 2019A second autumn- and winter trend of 2019 for men’s hairstyles is the swept back wet look. It is basically a slick look, but not as tight compared to a regular slick back or perhaps a man-bun. You need medium long hair and compared to the first trend we talked about, it is a bit shorter.

This hairstyle reminds a bit of the surferlook. Imagine you just get out of the water after you caught some nice waves. You shake the excessive water out of your hair and the result is close to this swept back wet look.

To create a wet look like this you need some products with a good amount of shine and a bit of hold. Creams and pomades are your best option or perhaps a light wax with some shine. One benefit of this wet look is that nobody will really notice that much when you arriving soaking wet at work or school, because of some severe rain. This always happen to me a few times a year because that is what autumn and winter is like in the Netherlands and Northwestern Europe.

Third autumn/winter trend of 2019: Curly and messy hair

krullend en messy haar in het najaar van 2019The third autumn and winter trend of 2019 is definitely curly and messy hair with a bit of shine. Curly hair is always a bit more difficult to style compared to straight or wavy hair, but luckily this season it does not have to be so neat as the hairstyles of last year. Let your curly hair lead you and keep things messy and loose. Just keep it at medium length and add some definition with shine. That way you certainly have one of the hairstyles that will be trendy in the autumn and winter of 2019.

This messy look is best achieved with products that offer a medium to high hold and some shine. The main goal is to provide your hair with some definition and also to nourish your hair so it will not look to dry or flat. A good cream or light paste can help you out with this one.

Fourth autumn/winter trend of 2019: A part with curls

winterkapsel 2019 mid-part met krullenAs you perhaps already noticed in this blogpost is that curly hair is an important trend for men’s hairstyles in 2019. Also looks with a mid- or side part seem to belong to this winter/autumn trend. In the case of a mid-part is basically means that your hair will fall to either left or right from the middle, like the picture above. You put your comb in the middle, primarily in the front, and you comb your hair to both sides to make an equal part. You can also use your hands for a loose look.

Not every man has naturally these kind of nice curls, but also with wavy hair you can easily achieve a similar hairstyle. Are you not a fan of these mid-parts, then try a nice wavy side-part. These looks really do well if you have a bit of length, so try to get to at least a medium length to pull these looks off. When your hair gets a bit longer it sometimes will get wavier or curlier already because of the length.

To achieve these looks it is past to use pastes and light waxes because you need some hold to keep your hair in place, but hair clays or heavy waxes will probably make it difficult to distribute them evenly in wavy or curly hair. A often heard complaint from man with curly hair. You require a medium to high hold to achieve this autumn/winter 2019 hairstyle and preferably with a semi-matte or medium shiny finish. Compared to the third look I talked about, this one can be a bit more matte and natural.

Fifth autumn/winter hairstyle trend of 2019 for men: Long and wavy hair

mannenkapsel 2019 lang haarThe last hairstyle I want to highlight here is really a look with longer hair. It wil be at least on your shoulders and sometimes even longer. That means you need already a bit longer hair because you do not get to these lengths in a few weeks. So, do not be scary to grow out your hair a bit to have a trendy men’s hairstyle for this autumn and winter 2019.

Preferably you have long and (slightly) wavy hair. When your hair is completely straight there is a change it will look a bit boring and flat. The waves or slight curls give this look some definition. That is why this autumn 2019 look is maybe not for everybody, but it is definitely not only for those grunge guys that play in a rockband anymore. To be afraid to experiment a little, because you can always cut your hair shorter again.

The product advice for this kind of look is similar to the shoulder length look I talked about first in this blogpost. This look is just a bit longer and preferably not as straight. A good cream will provide definition and helps to combat dry hair. You also should nourish your hair well, so think of a good conditioner or a serum/grooming oil when you really notice that your hair can use some extra love. Longer hair requires a bit more effort to keep nourished and healthy looking.


So, what can we conclude after seeing these men’s hairstyling trends for the autumn and winter of 2019? Well, that longer hair and curly hair are definitely playing a bigger part than they did last year. And it does not have to be as tight and neat anymore as we saw before. Embrace the messy and loose hairstyles and experiment a bit. You can always go back to a shorter hairstyle when you feel it is not for you.

Good luck gents and if you want to show me your new autumn 2019 look, you can tag Moquer Hairstyling & Grooming of just use the hashtag #moquer. That way I can feature you as well on the Moquer social media channels if you like!