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What haircut suits my face shape best (for men)?


There is nothing more annoying than getting a new haircut and realizing it does not really suit your face shape. Hair trends are changing rapidly, but not every hairstyle is best for every face shape. Some haircuts do accentuate your face shape while other styles are diminishing it, so it is important to choose wisely when picking a new hairstyle.

Every person is unique and so someone’s face shape can differs a lot to others. For some men it is more important to pay attention to it than others. Most men want to have a more rectangular face shape, because it represents masculinity and most females feel most attracted to men with rectangular face shapes.

Men with longer face shapes should try to make their face appear a little shorter and men with wide faces should try to make their face appear longer. Men with rectangular face shapes should choose for a less drastic hairstyle but should go for more subtle finishes.

Get advice from your barber

Many men go to their barber and they show a picture on their phone of the hairstyle they would like to get. So, it is important to know what hairstyle fits your face shape best. A good barber will of course tell you if the haircut you picked will fit your face shape. Of course you can also ask your hair stylist what kind of hairstyle they think should be best for you. When your barber says that particular look will not be great for you, then you should talk and see what kind of recommendations are best for your face shape.

A hairstyle is very personal and needs to be tailored to your face shape and hair type. You also want your new look to represent your personality. That is why I will talk about different face shapes now and what hairstyles to choose or to avoid. That way you will know what hairstyle will fit your face shape when you are done reading this post.

Oval face

Ovaal gezichtAn oval face is considered one of the best attractive face shapes for women, but unfortunately not for men. Though, for hair cuts it is a good face shape to have, because many look will look good on you. Men with an oval face can pull off different shapes and lengths because the face is well balanced. Also different types of sunglasses will look good on you if you have an oval face shape. It is best to not take any messy look, because oval faces will look rounder when you have this. But besides that, you can choose a lot of different hairstyles, long and short.

Examples of men with an oval face

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Square face

Vierkant gezichtMen with a square face are considered strong and manly. The majority of hairstyles for men are also more square compared to looks for women. A strong jaw line is the trademark of square faces. This line makes the face appear more angular. Like an oval face shape, you can pull of a lot of different looks with a square face shape. But is is best to have it rounder at the edges when you want your hairline to look at its best.

Having said this, it is also great to have a short and neat hairstyle when you have a square face shape. This look will accentuate your face shape, so it depends what you prefer. Do you want more attention for your hair or for your face? It is up to you!

A mid-part of a very messy hairstyle is best to avoid.

Examples of men with a square face

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Oblong face

Langwerpig gezichtAn oblong face shape suits a lot of hairstyles. This shape is a bit longer compared to an oval face, so that is important to remember when choosing your next hairstyle.

When you prefer to have longer hair on top, then you should not cut your sides too short. When you do this you accentuate the length of your face and it will appear even longer. When you want this kind of look, then it is important to keep it balanced, so don’t cut your sides too short or grow your hair on top too long.

When you have an oblong face, you can easily get a hairstyle that goes over your face, because it will look less oblong and more balanced.

Examples of men with a oblong face shape

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Round face

RondA hairstyle for men with a round shape is very depending on what you would like to accentuate or maybe want to hide.

The problem with a round face is that it has no prominent features or angles. That is why it is best to keep some length and add some volume, so your face will not appear to round.

Try to avoid messy looks as much as possible, because these will highlight the roundness of your face. The same goes for hairstyles that are too long, so try to keep the edges subtle to avoid this.

Examples of men with a round face shape

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Diamant shaped face

Diamantvorig gezichtMen with a diamant face shape have prominent cheekbones while the forehead and chin are relatively smaller.

It can proof a little bit difficult to find a new hairstyle because you need some length to soften your facial features and to make your face look a bit wider at your forehead. In most cases it is best to choose for a longer hairstyle, like a messy look that is styled to one side or perhaps a layered look with some added volume.

Do not make the edges look to sharp, because the ears can look pointy then. Also don’t try to have your hair too straight, but keep it wavy or curly to soften the features of a diamand face shape.

Examples of men with a diamant face shape

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Heart shaped face

Hartvormig gezichtA heart shaped face is wider at the temples, like a diamant shaped face, but the forehead is a bit wider. That is why a longer hairstyle is usually best.

Shorter hairstyles will accentuate the top end of your face shape. A small beard can actually help to keep your facial features balanced. That way the top end and lower end of yorur face shape are in equilibrium.

If you choose to go for a shorter look when you have a heart shaped face, try to get a hairstyle that is more square.

Examples of men with a heart shaped face

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Triangular face

Driehoekig gezichtA triangular face is basically the opposite of a heart shaped face. Men with a triangular face have a prominent jaw line but a small forehead.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find a good look when you have this face shape. Also in this case it is best to choose a longer hairstyle. Triangular faces benefit mostly from layered looks to create volume and make your forehead appear wider. A slightly messy look can also help you to ease the features of this face shape.

If you choose to go for a longer hairstyle, make sure you do not layer it too much around your face, because this will feature your jaw line too prominently.

Examples of men with a triangular face shape

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Hopefully I gave some useful insights to pick your next hairstyle that suits your face shape. As you just read, there are many factors and features to take into account when choosing a good look for you. So, think about it carefully and do some research online before choosing the best hairstyle for your face shape.

And do not forget to ask the professional opinion obviously. That is also what you pay for when you go to a barbershop or hair salon. They should have the right expertise to help you out no matter what face shape you have. They can help you out to highlight ore hide certain features to make you become the best version of yourself with a proper hairstyle for your face shape. And after that it is of course time to choose the best hair products to style that new look of yours!