What hairstyling tool is best for your hair as a man?

There are a lot of different hairstyling tools for men to comb or style your hair. In this blogpost I will mention a couple of them and when you can use them best. A hairstyling tool will help you to style your hair after you applied your favorite hairstyling product. Woman of course already use these tools for centuries, but also men are using these more and more and for good reason. Let us look at a few tools and see when they are best to use.

I will talk about the hairstyling tools below one by one:



Heat protection




Hairstyling tool 1: Blow-dryer

In its most basic way a blow-dryer is of course to dry your hair faster by blowing hot air on it, but you can use it for more things of course. A blow-dryer helps to create volume. Often men are using a pre-styling product in combination with a blow-dryer to get that volume in your hair. When you are done with the blow-dryer then you can apply your favorite post-styler for the actual styling and to add some more hold. If you prefer you can use the blow-dryer as well with cold air. With cold air you lock a hairstyle into place.

It is best not to blow-dry your hair everyday. The heat can damage your hair a little bit, so it is best to blow-dry your hair a maximum of once per 2 days. To protect your hair against heat-stylers like a blow-dryer, you should use a pre-styling spray with heat protectant ingredients. Many of these pre-styling sprays contain natural ingredients to help protect your hair against heat.

Hairstyling tool 2: Straighteners

Straighteners help to straighten your hair. You heat strands of hair and straighten them out. The heat helps to change the structure of the strands. This is a temporary effect and when your hair gets wet, it will go back to its natural hair type. You can also easily create nice layers by using a straightener. This way this hairstyling tool opens the possibilities for different hairstyles for men.

Straighteners can be used for all hair types and hair lengths, but it is primarily used to straighten curly or wavy hair. It is best to use this hairstyling tool when you have medium to long hair. Take into account that it is advisable to use a heat-protectant product to protect your hair against the heat of the straightener.

Heat protection

Let us quickly talk about heat-protection when using straighteners or blow-dryers. These products help to minimize the damage done to your hair by the heat of these hairstyling tools. For best results it is best to use these products. Most pre-styling products do contain ingredients to protect your hair against the heat of these tools. Below a few examples of good heat-protectant sprays.

TheSalonGuy 25 Hair Benefits Spray By Vilain Sidekick Pre-styling Spray Zero By Vilain Sidekick Prestyling Spray

Hairstyling tool 3: Combs

You almost cannot go without a comb as a men, because they can help you to achieve a nice hairstyle fast and effortless. It is of course also the most basic hairstyling tool and most men will already have it in their bathroom. You basically have three different comb types: regular comb, wide-tooth comb and hair picks.

Moquer Wide-Tooth Comb

  • Regular combs are especially great for men with straight hair because the teeth are closer together. When you have wavy or curly hair, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb. Those are easier to get through your hair.
  • Wide-tooth combs have the teeth further apart, so it is easier to comb through thicker hair. This comb is great to detangle wavy or curly hair or to create a tighter hair-styles for thicker hair types.
  • Hair picks are made for men with very curly hair. Especially men with afro hair benefit from hair picks. To are a great help to detangle difficult hair types.

Hairstyling tool 4: Brushes

Brushes have certain similarities with combs, but brushes have kind of a lot of smaller teeth that create a tighter and more neat look. Some brushes are for example great for slick back looks and also when you use a blow-dryer, you can use a brush to create more volume. Hair brushes are primarily for men with straight or semi-wavy hair, otherwise it will be relatively difficult to brush through your hair. You have a few different types of hair brushes for men:

  • 9 Row Brushes: Very good to use for a tight and neat look, like slick backs or side-parts.
  • Quiff or Skeleton brushes: these are round or semi-round brushes that you can use to style your hair up to create a nice quiff. Also these brushes are great to use in combination with a blow-dryer to add more fullness to your hair.
  • Paddle brushes: these have similarities with the 9 row brushes, but they are bigger, so it is easier to create nice layers in your hair.

As you may know I have a few Moquer hairstyling tools and of course we also have some tools of different brands.
Moquer Wide Tooth Comb Moquer Big Comb Moquer 9 Row Brush


As you can see there are quite a lot of hairstyling tools for men available, no matter what kind of hair-type you have. Hopefully this blogpost helped you a bit with your choice for a hairstyling tool. Blow-drying your hair and styling it with tools is definitely not only for woman anymore. If you are a man that cares about your hair and you want to do something extra for your hair, then a good styling tool is a must-have!