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By Vilain

About By Vilain

The story of By Vilain started more than 10 years ago. In 2009 the Danish twins Emil and Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen launched their company because they were inspired by great hairstyles from a young age. When they started By Vilain they literally had the inventory under their bed.

Rasmus made a YouTube video about a product he liked, so they could provide customers with better information about their products. These videos were a hit and after 9 months of Danish videos, they switched to English to appear to a wider audience. That YouTube channel called SlikhaarTV is the biggest hair styling channel for men on YouTube nowadays with over 2 million subscribers.

By Vilain and Moquer

Just a few months after Moquer was launched early 2014, By Vilain was added to the shop. Moquer made the By Vilain products available in the Netherlands and Belgium first and the By Vilain Gold Digger and Silver Fox quickly became favorites. Later many more products have been added and By Vilain is still one of the most popular brands in the shop.

The By Vilain Products

The guys of SlikhaarTV focus primarily on hair products. To have an extensive line of hairstyling and hair care products for men. They also have quite a lot of combs and hair brushes.

The By Vilain products are primarily popular because of their high hold and matte finish. Recently they started with a new line of products called Zero. The By Vilain Sidekick Zero and Wax Zero are examples of this new line. By Vilain is always developing new products, so in the future we can expect great things from them.

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  1. By Vilain Powermade 65 ml.
  2. By Vilain 9 Row Hair Brush
  3. By Vilain Fiber Paste 65 ml.
  4. By Vilain Styling Comb
    Out of stock
  5. By Vilain NEON Sea Salt Foam 150 ml.
    Out of stock
  6. By Vilain Night Fiber Limited Edition 65 ml.
    By Vilain Night Fiber Limited Edition 65 ml.
    Special Price €14.95 Regular Price €21.95
  7. By Vilain Rush Conditioner 200 ml.
    Out of stock
  8. By Vilain Rush Shampoo 200 ml.
  9. By Vilain Powermade Travel 15 ml.
  10. By Vilain Giant Comb
    Out of stock
  11. By Vilain Detoxx Me Shampoo
    Out of stock
  12. By Vilain Paddle Brush
  13. By Vilain Gold Digger 65 ml.
  14. By Vilain Wrecking Ball Clay 50 ml.
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Items 1-21 of 33

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