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Face Wash

What is a face wash or facial cleanser?

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A face wash is sometimes also called a facial cleanser/face cleaner or skin cleanser. In most cases it entails the same kind of product. There are more products designed to cleanse your face, like a face scrub or face mask, but those do not count as a face wash, usually.

A face wash is part of the absolute basics of a good face skincare routine for men. There are more products, but a facial cleanser is something you should use daily. You can use it in the shower, but when you do not shower, you still want to cleanse your face with a natural face wash.

Dirt and pollutants can clog your pores and cause impurities. That can result in pimples or acne and that is something you want to prevent of course. A face wash helps to wash away excessive sebum and keep your pores clean.

When should you use a facial cleanser?

The best moments to use a face wash as a man is in the morning or right before going to bed. In the morning you can use a face wash in the shower or just at the sink. That way you start your day fresh and clean.

I would recommend washing your face before going to bed, because it prevents you from sleeping with dirt on your face. Then you do not give that dirt any chance to cause impurities overnight. That way you minimize the chance of getting pimples or acne.

How often should I use a face wash?

At least once a day it is smart to use a facial cleanser, but twice a day is better. A face wash is just the start, and you can use more skincare products for your face, but I would also suggest investing in a natural moisturizer. After a face wash your skin can use some hydration to prevent dry skin.

Best face washes for men

In the Moquer shop you can find many premium facial cleansers that are developed specifically for men. Men have thicker skin and require different products. Popular brands are Brickell Men’s Products, Lumin skin, Baxter of California, Jack Black, and Billy Jealousy, just to name a few.

Most face washes in the shop do not contain any parabens or sulphates and many of them are enriched with numerous natural and organic extracts to provide your face skin with the best care. These high-end products you will not find in any supermarkets or drugstores any time soon.

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