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Flagship Pomade Co.

Flagship Pomade Co.Flagship Pomade Co.

About Flagship Pomade

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Flagship Pomade is a well-known brand in the world of homebrew hair styling products for men. This brand has been founded in 2014 as Flagship Handmade in the United States. They make natural products that are in many cases also vegan. The formulas contain healthy ingredients to nourish your hair as well.

Flagship Pomade started like many homebrewers in their own kitchen. They experimented with formulas and quickly they gained popularity. The aim of founder Cody Branson was to make better and healthier products and that concept really worked.

Flagship Pomade also has multiple collaborations with other brands, like with Mike Smith, founder of ModernManTV and Dauntless Grooming.

Flagship Pomade and Moquer

Flagship Pomade was added to the Moquer shop in 2016 and Moquer was one of the first companies that brought this brand to Europe. Flagship Pomade is a great homebrew brand and Moquer was looking for more of these products in the shop, in addition to all the modern salon brands.

Flagship Pomade is an important representative of the homebrew and classic barber products with their handmade pomades and other styling products. Since then almost all new products have been added to the Moquer shop.

Flagship Pomade Products

Flagship Pomade has a pretty elaborate line of products nowadays, so there is definitely something for every man. All products are handmade and as natural as possible. In many cases the products are even vegan. Part of the products come in great looking glass jars.

The most popular Flagship Pomade products are the Blackship Pomade, Dead Sea Clay and the relatively new products Blackwater and Cornerstone. All products are very well made with the end-user in mind. The products do not contain perfume or fragrance, but instead they are scented with natural oils.

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