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Hair Cream

What is hair cream?

A hair cream is a very wet hair styling product and is often water based. It usually contains water with copolymers or water with certain oils or waxes. So, as the first ingredient you will usually see water (or aqua) followed by PVP, copolymers or petrolatum, beeswax and sometimes castor seed oil.

PVP and copolymers will provide more body in your hair, waxes will give a good hold and oils make sure your hair gets hydrated. Hair cream can be used for all hair types and textures, depending on what hairstyle your are going for. Especially for thin hair a cream is nice because it does not weigh your hair down too much.

Properties of hair cream

A hair cream is not a product you will use when you want to achieve a lot of hold, it is to wet and creamy for that. Creams are best for definition, texture and hydration. That is why hair cream also works very well for curly hair, because the oils will nourish and hydrate it well. In most cases creams provide a medium hold and medium shine.

So, hair cream will not really keep your hair up, but it will give you definition and a way to accentuate certain strands. When you have thin hair then a cream could proof strong enough to style your hair, but for normal and thick hair it usually does not offer a high enough hold.

Considering hair creams are usually water based, you can easily wash these products out of your hair again with just warm water. Creams also do not dry in your hair, so restyling is possible when you go through your hair with your hands.

What hairstyles work best with hair cream?

Because of the lower hold and more shiny finish, hair creams work best for out-of-bed looks and other messy or tousled hairstyles. It will look like you have nothing in your hair. In curly hair a cream could add more definition and it will nourish it with healthy oils at the same time. That why your hair will look less dry.

A hair cream can also be used in addition to other styling products. Creams are great to tame difficult hairs and flyaways or to reduce frizz for example.

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    TheSalonGuy Power Volume and Control Cream 118 ml.
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    Soares Men Care Volume Booster 150 ml.
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