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Pre-Styling Spray

What is pre-styling spray?

Pre-styling spray is used before you apply a hair wax, pomade or something else. These sprays make it easier to style your hair and pre-styling sprays also protect your hair against blow-dryers or other heat-stylers.

It basically provides a protection layer for your hair. That way it becomes easier to manage and it gets more volume. Many men use pre-styling sprays nowadays, because your hairstyle will look better.

Properties of pre-styling spray

One of the most important properties of pre-styling spray is that it provides volume and it makes your hair easier to style. Of course it is also important that they contain ingredients that protect your hair against heat.

A pre-styling spray is basically never used by itself, but always in combination with other styling products. It helps to style your hair and your hairstyle will stay in place longer when you used a spray.

What hairstyles work best with a pre-styling spray?

A pre-styling spray can be used for all hairstyles. It is just another layer of styling and it is up to you how you want your hair to look. You cannot go without pre-styling sprays when you want to have a hairstyle with a lot of volume.

That is why a pre-styling spray is usually combined with a hair wax, hair clay or hair paste. Pomades are not a good choice, because they are used for slicker hairstyles with more shine.

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