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About Hairbond

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Hairbond is a British hair styling brand that has been founded in 2008 by Scott Michaels. The products are the result of continued innovation and progress. Hairbond has unique formulas that won a lot of international awards. Many celebrities are actually also using the Hairbond products, for example many British soccer players.

Hairbond wants to bring different world fashions together on one stage. Their products are the link, so that men all over the world can achieve the best hairstyles. The products are manufactured in the United Kingdom and are not tested on animals.

Hairbond and Moquer

Hairbond is one of the brands that were available from the start, so since January 1st 2014 you can find Hairbond products on Moquer.com. Moquer really helped to put this brand on the map in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Hairbond was already successful in the United Kingdom for a few years, so Moquer decided that the product line should be available right from the start. The stylish packaging definitely played a roll in that as well.

Hairbond Products

The most unique feature about the Hairbond products is perhaps their scent. They all have very unique scents. And of course the products are not tested on animals and they do not contain nasty chemicals.

Hairbond has interesting formulas and stylish packaging. The most popular products are the Hairbond Shape Toffee, Moulder Shaper and Distorter Clay. These products are best-sellers since day one!

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11 Items
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