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Hair Wax

Hair wax is one of the most versatile hairstyling products for men. Nowadays we see that the term hair wax is often used as some general term for hairstyling products, because we see a lot of products that are named hair wax, but are actually not. Hair wax products generally provide a good amount of hold and that is one of the reasons why it is such a popular product for men to use in their daily styling routine. The finish for hair waxes can be very different. There are multiple waxes that provide a matte finish but there are also a lot of products that give you a lot of shine. A hair wax is generally used by men who are looking for texture, definition and hold. Waxes are a little bit less dry in comparison with a clay and a little dryer then a paste. There are two types of hair waxes, water based and oil based products. There are of course products that have a little bit of both, but you generally can make this distinction. An oil based hair wax provides a high hold but is harder to rinse out. A hair wax is very versatile and can be used for short to medium long hair for all kinds of hairstyles with the exception of slick looks. So, when you are looking for a allround styling product you should definitely checkout the hair waxes below.

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  1. Blumaan Original Styling Meraki
  2. Pete and Pedro Putty 59 ml.
  3. O'Douds Dry Wax 114 gr.
  4. Hanz de Fuko The Mini 4 Pack samples
  5. FrankMan Clay/Wax Hybrid 100 ml.
  6. By Vilain Revolution
    By Vilain Revolution 65 ml.
    Special Price €19.95 Regular Price €21.95
  7. By Vilain Silver Fox 65 ml.
  8. Mr. Natty Wax Pomade Hair Preparation 100 ml.
  9. Dear Barber Fibre Shaper 100 ml.
  10. By Vilain Gold Digger 65 ml.
  11. Black Label Profile Putty 50 ml.
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Items 1-21 of 42

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