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Jack Henry

Jack Henry

About Jack Henry

Jack Henry has been founded in the United States in 2017 by guys that cared for how they look and how they felt. A healthy, active and conscious lifestyle made them feel best. But the skincare brands for men out there did not reflect this philosophy in most cases. The products were too chemical and not good for your skin, so they decided to begin Jack Henry.

Jack Henry is a pure and clean brand with handmade products and natural ingredients. They formulate everything in-house without outside influences or chemists. Jack Henry believes in simple formulas with natural ingredients. Even their packaging is better, because they do not want to use cheap plastic stuff.

Jack Henry and Moquer

Jack Henry and Moquer started their collaboration in 2019. Moquer is one of the few companies that offers the high-end products of Jack Henry in Europe. The clean and minimalist packaging and the story of Jack Henry appealed to Moquer.

Natural ingredients and glass packaging shows that a brand wants to make a difference. The men that shop at Moquer are very conscious and want healthy products, so Jack Henry is a perfect fit.

The Jack Henry products

Jack Henry started to create hair styling products, but nowadays they also have skincare products. The products are made with natural ingredients from France, the Philippines and Australia. They always try to source their ingredients from the best places.

The formulas are simple and effective. The Jack Henry products usually contain only a few ingredients and that shows you do not need a never-ending list of ingredients to create effective and healthy products.

Another important part is the packaging. Jack Henry products come in amber glass jars and bottles. Not only those are better for the environment, because you can recycle them, but they also protect the formula against harmful UV radiation.

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