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Mister Pompadour

About Mister Pompadour

Mister Pompadour has been founded in 2014 by two product designer friends. Zach Henry and Matt Davies from Raleigh, North Carolina created the brand with the motto: Be Sharp. Look Confident.

They aimed with Mr. Pompadour to close the gap between very expensive high-end grooming products for men and cheap gunk you usually find in your supermarket. So, the products are high quality and made with better ingredients, but still affordable.

Mister Pompadour and Moquer

Moquer was already keeping on eye on the Mr. Pompadour products when they were being launched and saw that these products would be great for their customers. So, late 2014 the products of Mister Pompadour were brought to the Netherlands and Europe to make them better available.

The initially small product line of salon graded products fitted perfectly with brands that were already available on Moquer.com. Since then Mr. Pompadour and Moquer have been growing together and the collaboration is still going strong.

The Mister Pompadour products

Mr. Pompadour has a relatively small product line, but it has everything you need. There are multiple styling products, but also a shampoo and conditioner. These salon products are affordable and have happy customers in over 100 countries.

The most popular product of Mister Pompadour is their Natural Beeswax Paste. It provides a strong hold and matte finish. When you add the shampoo and conditioner, then you have everything you need for a great hair styling and hair care experience.

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