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Nostalgic Grooming

Nostalgic Grooming

About Nostalgic Grooming

Nostalgic Grooming is an American homebrew brand founded by David and Janelle Leslie from Mesa, Arizona. This small family-run business manufactures old skool pomades by hand since 2016. Nostalgic Grooming has been founded because they were looking for products with more natural ingredients that they could safely use themselves.

David and Janelle really like the 1980’s and 1990’s and you can often see this in the design of their product labels. There are often references to tv shows or other aspects that were important in the 80’s and 90’s.

Nostalgic Grooming and Moquer

After the product launch in 2016 the pomades of Nostalgic Grooming quickly gained praise in Facebook groups and on other Social Media. That is how this brand came on the radar of Moquer and in 2017 this brand was added to the Moquer shop. That is why these products are now also available in Europe.

Nostalgic Grooming is a real homebrew brand, which means that the pomades are handmade at home. These kind of companies are a growing trend and Moquer is following these brands since the beginning.

The Nostalgic Grooming products

Nostalgic Grooming only creates pomades. At this point they only have hair products. The balanced line of products contain water based and oil based pomades. Alle products are handmade and do not contain any parabens or sulfates.

The fun part of the Nostalgic Grooming products is also their scent. They all have unique scents and some versions are available in multiple scents. Because of these scents and the old skool product labels the products are being collected even.

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