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O'douds Apothecary

About O’douds

O'douds Apothecary is a brand originally from Brooklyn, New York, but now based in Houston, Texas. The brand has a traditional story. Also they were looking for a great natural pomade that lived up to their standards, but the current products out there did not match their criteria. That is why Clayton Douds decided to launch his own traditional pomade in February 2014. It started out like a hobby and a part-time job, but soon the demand outgrew the production.

But Although O'Douds Apothecary is continuing to grow they will never forget their mission to create natural and healthy grooming products for men. O’douds is a relatively new classic and old skool barber brand that more and more men start to appreciate.

O’douds and Moquer

O’douds products have been available on Moquer.com since 2016. There were not a lot of suppliers in Europe yet, so that was a good opportunity for Moquer to make these great products better available.

The growing trend of small companies that produce natural products by hand in their own lab is still going strong and O’douds is one of the best known examples in the industry. That is why this beautiful American brand cannot miss in the shop.

The O’douds products

Nowadays O’douds has an extended line of products. They started with a few hair styling products, but today they also have hair care and beard products. All products are manufactured in-house and by hand with natural ingredients. Of course they are paraben and sulfate free.

In 2020 O’douds also launched a new line of products, called the CBD line. Those are hair styling and hair care products enriched with CBD oil and hemp seed oil.

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  1. O'Douds Multi Purpose Pomade 113 gr.
    Out of stock
  2. O'Douds Matte Paste 114 gr.
  3. O'Douds Conditioning Cream 114 gr.
    Out of stock
  4. O'douds Texture Powder 113 gr.
  5. O'douds CBD Deodorant 85 gr
  6. O'douds CBD Shampoo 355 ml
    Out of stock
  7. O'Douds Dry Wax 114 gr.
  8. O'Douds Standard Pomade 114 gr.
  9. O'douds Shampoo 355 ml.
  10. O'douds Hair Oil 60 ml
  11. O'douds CBD Conditioner 355 ml
    Out of stock
  12. O'douds Apothecary Deodorant Orchard 57 gr.
  13. O'Douds Styling Treatment 114 gr.
  14. O'douds Apothecary Conditioner 355 ml.
  15. O'Douds Apothecary Beard Oil 30 ml.
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21 Items

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