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Oil Based Pomades

Oil based pomades are the traditional pomades that are being used by men for decades. What is an oil based pomade? An oil based pomade means that the main ingredient is not water, but an oil. You can see that when looking at the ingredients and petroleum or petrolatum is then usually the first on the list. An important feature of oil based pomades is that they are not water soluble. That means that after washing your hair there will be some pomade left behind in your hair. And that is perfectly ok, because oil based pomades contain natural oils and ingredients that nourish your hair. Also, on the second day you don't need a lot of pomade to style your hair and maybe you don't need anything at all. Another feature of oil based pomades is that generally they provide a little more hold compared to water based pomades and also they usually don't dry, which allows for easy restyling throughout the day if desired. There are of course differences among the oil based pomades, but generally this is true. The downside of an oil based pomade is that they do not wash out easily, so you have to wait a couple of days before it is completely out your hair and you need to wash it with warm water and a good shampoo. The advantage is that you can last longer with one jar, because you need less to style your hair with.
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  1. Jack Black Wax Pomade 96 gr.
  2. Stickmore Oil Based Pomade 118 ml.
    Out of stock
  3. King Brown Original Pomade 71 gr.
  4. Reuzel Green Pomade 113 gr.
  5. King Brown Premium Pomade 71 gr.
  6. King Brown Matte Pomade 71 gr.
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