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Faith and Integrity

About Faith and Integrity

Faith and Integrity started late December 2018 as a hobby of Frank Modica from Illinois, USA. After trying many homebrew products himself, Frank thought he could try to make his own pomades.

That proved more difficult than he thought, but after many attempts and failures he came out with his very first formula. According to friends and other pomade lovers he had something very nice and that is when Faith and Integrity officially started.

The name Faith and Integrity is a reference to his late father-in-law. He always said there are two things in life that nobody can take away from you: faith and integrity.

Faith and Integrity and Moquer

Moquer is active in many pomade groups online and on Facebook to always be on top of the latest trends. It also helps that feedback on products is never far away, so that is how Faith and Integrity came on Moquer’s radar.

Faith and Integrity fits in the trend of homebrew pomades. A trend that is going on for a while now. And the Faith and Integrity products get a lot of praise by pomade lovers.

That is why Faith and Integrity was added to the shop in October 2020 as one of the first companies in Europe. They have great product lines with nicely designed labels. Moquer always welcomes handmade products.

The Faith and Integrity products

Faith and Integrity has a very balanced line of hair products. They have the Moon line, 59 line and some prestyling products. These are all natural products that are handmade with healthy ingredients.

Faith and Integrity has several pomades, creams, clays and prestyling products. Most of them do not have a lot of shine, so that fits perfectly in the trend of low shine hair styling products for men.

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