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Salt and Stone

Salt and Stone

About Salt and Stone

Salt and Stone has been founded by former professional snowboarder Nima Jalali in 2017. As a pro athlete you eat and live healthy, so you also want to use healthy products. Especially when you always exercise outside.

That is why Nima Jalali created his own brand called Salt and Stone. The natural approach always worked best for him as an athlete, so his brand should reflect that. That is why the Salt and Stone products do not contain any parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals.

Salt and Stone and Moquer

In 2021 the collaboration between Salt and Stone and Moquer started. Moquer loves to work with brands that have been build based on the owner’s own experiences.

Salt and Stone has a great story with Nima Jalali as an owner. And of course, Moquer already had many great skincare products for men, so the deodorants of Salt and Stone fit perfectly to the current assortment of natural deodorant sticks for men. It is always good to have choices!

The Salt and Stone products

Salt and Stone combines natural ingredients with a scientific approach. That results in healthy and user-friendly products that actually work. The formulas do not contain harmful ingredients that can damage your skin.

This same approach you can also see when looking at the Salt and Stone product packaging. All products come in recycled packaging that can be recycled again after use. The Salt and Stone products are also manufactured with renewable energy and they are of course not tested on animals.

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