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Jack Black is a grooming brand for men that has been founded in the year 2000. Back then there were not a lot of companies offering skincare products for men. The name maybe makes you think of actor Jack Black, but he has nothing to do with this brand. The brand was already founded before the actor got popular.

Many exclusive retailers acknowledge the premium quality products of Jack Black, because Jack Black is available in the best chains and is among the best-selling grooming brands in the US. They came up with the name Jack Black, because it is an easy name and you could have a friend called Jack Black. It is an approachable brand with great skincare products for men.

Jack Black and Moquer

In 2015 the collaboration between Jack Black and Moquer began. Originally Moquer was primarily focused on hair styling products, but in 2015 a lot of grooming brands were added to the shop. Jack Black is one of the most popular skincare brands in the United States, so that was a great brand to bring to Europe.

Since then there have been many more Jack Black products that made their way from the US to Europe. The best ones you can also find at Moquer.

Jack Black Products

Jack Black basically has everything to take good care of yourself. They have hair products, face products, body products, shaving products and even anti-aging products. For Jack Black it is very important that their products contain natural ingredients and not nasty chemicals. The formulas do not have any added perfume, colorants or sulfates and are cruelty free.

Especially the natural moisturizers of Jack Black are very popular in our shop, but in general Jack Black is still gaining more popularity in the Netherlands and Europe as one of the best skincare brands for men.

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