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Templeton Tonics

About Templeton Tonics

Templeton Tonics is an American homebrew brand that has been founded by Chris Templeton from Bothell, Washington. Already on a young age Chris got interested in handmade pomades for men and at some point he collected quite a lot of products. That is how he also became interested in the different ingredients that were used in different pomades.

The name Templeton Tonics is a reference to his last name. Chris was very proud of his grandfather that fought in World War II. When his granddad returned he started his own barbershop in the US. As a tribute Chris named his products after his grandfather and that is how Templeton Tonics was created.

Templeton Tonics and Moquer

The products of Templeton Tonics have been available in the Moquer shop since May 2020. Online and in various Facebook groups a lot of people spoke with admiration about the handmade products and Moquer also received questions from customers when the products of Templeton Tonics would become available in the shop.

Moquer already sold quite a lot of homebrew pomades in 2020 and the products of Templeton Tonics deserved their spot. These pomades are handmade with healthy ingredients and come in a nice packaging, so that is perfect for Moquer.

The Templeton Tonics products

Templeton Tonics only has products for your hair at the moment. The small line has different options to style your hair perfectly and to make it healthier. The most popular product is the Templeton Tonics Oasis Clay, because it provides a high hold and matte finish.

Another unique factor about the Templeton Tonics products is their scent. Most products are available in different scents. Of course these products contain natural ingredients and they are paraben and sulfate free.

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