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Pete and Pedro

About Pete and Pedro

Pete and Pedro is an American brand based out of Atlanta. It has been founded by the famous YouTuber Aaron Marino, better known as Alpha M. For years he has been making videos about men related topics in a funny and down-to-earth way. At some point his audience got so large that he started to think of his own product line.

Aaron Marino was not happy with the hair styling products he used, so he asked hair stylist Stephen Posta for advice. After a few years of developing, the Pete and Pedro brand was launched.

Pete and Pedro sounds like a funny name, but there is a story of course. The name is a reference to the love of his parents. His dad is called Pete, but his mom is obviously not called Pedro. His mom grew up on a donkey farm and her favorite donkey was called Pedro. And there you go, the Pedro and Pedro name was coined.

Pete and Pedro and Moquer

Moquer already knew Aaron Marino because of his successful YouTube channel Alpha M, so when he launched Pete and Pedro, Moquer was right away interested. This modern salon brand fits well with the other brands and Moquer also sells multiple other YouTube brands.

Moquer was actually the first company in Europe that offered the Pete and Pedro products. In the past few years this brand has grown a lot.

The Pete and Pedro products

Nowadays Pete and Pedro has an extensive line of hair styling and hair care products for men. The products are made with natural ingredients and most of them do not contain parabens or sulfates.

The absolute bestsellers are the Pete and Pedro Putty and the sea salt spray. Those products are also the perfect combo for a high hold and low shine look with a lot of texture.

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