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What is a pomade?

A pomade is a hair styling product that is usually water based or oil based. Both pomades have different properties and you can read those on their separate pages. Pomades are a relatively wet and somewhat sticky hair product.

It is a hair styling product that can be used in thin, normal and thick hair. In thin hair it is best not to choose for a pomade with a shiny finish, because otherwise you can easily see your scalp. A pomade can be used for all hair types and can help to straighten or control curly hair.

Properties of a pomade

The properties of a pomade depend on what kind of pomade we are talking about. A water based pomade has different properties compared to an oil based properties. That is why those categories have been separated in the shop and on those dedicated pages you can read all about them.

In general pomades are being used for classic hairstyles from the 1920’s to 1960’s. In that case we are talking about those slick hairstyles with a lot of shine. Perhaps you have seen episodes of the HBO show Boardwalk Empire or Peaky Blinders and then you will have an idea.

When it comes to hold a pomade will usually provide a medium to high hold. And most pomades will provide a lot of shine to achieve some kind of we hair look. That is why many hairstyles styled with pomade look a bit greasy.

What hairstyles work best with a pomade?

A pomade is best used for tight and slick hairstyles. A wax or clay is great for messy looks, but pomades are definitely not. Examples of hairstyles that look best with a pomade are slick-backs, side-parts, pompadours and any other shiny and smooth look. In many cases a comb or hair brush can help you out to achieve these looks.

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