Safety Razors

What is a safety razor?

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A safety razor is a classic razor that you can use to shave close to your skin but also minimize the chance of nicks and cuts. The full name is a double edge safety razor because you can use both sides of this razor to shave your beard.

A double edge safety razor needs replaceable razor blades and luckily the safety razor blades are very affordable. The purchase price of the safety razor itself is perhaps a bit higher but once you have it you only pay a few pounds for about 5 to 10 new blades.

Open comb razor head or closed comb

You might have heard about open comb and closed comb razors but what is the difference between open and closed comb razors? A safety razor comes in two different varieties, and each has their pros and cons.

A closed comb razor minimizes the chance of getting little nicks and cuts and the safety razor is a bit more forgiving. That is why closed comb safety razors are popular with men that are new to wet shaving and with men that have sensitive skin.

With open comb safety razors, you can shave a bit closer to your skin and that will lead to a smoother result but the chance of cutting yourself is a little bit higher. It demands a little bit more experience and craft to shave with open comb razors.

Men with thick beards usually prefer open comb razors because the result is better, and you have to worry less about the safety razor getting clogged compared to the closed comb version.
So, when it comes to an open comb vs closed comb razor, it really depends on what you are looking for in a safety razor and what your experience level is.

Why use a safety razor?

A safety razor is different from disposable razors because it only uses one razor blade, and you only replace this razor blade and not the whole razor head when it becomes dull. That is why a double edge safety razor is usually cheaper in day-to-day use and of course better for the environment as well.

And considering it is only one (sharp) razor blade that glides over your skin it tends to cause less irritation. Some brands with disposable razors advertise with four, five or even six blades but that means that one hair gets cut many times and that increases the chances of skin irritation, redness, and itchiness.

Another benefit of using a safety razor is that you can decide yourself how sharp you want your safety razor blade to be. They come in different varieties of sharpness and considering they only cost a couple pounds you can easily experiment with your preferred sharpness when using your double edge safety razor. Almost all brands double edge razor blades fit in any double edge safety razor.

How to use a safety razor?

The first steps prior to shaving are the same as with any other classic or disposable razor. When you do a wet shave, you always will need shaving soap or shaving cream and potentially a shaving brush to apply the foam to your beard.

When you have done this then you get your double edge safety razor and place your preferred safety razor blade in it. Some safety razors can even be adjusted to get the perfect distance between your skin and the blade.

Now you shave your beard, and will you do that you should rinse your safety razor every now and then to prevent it from getting clogged. Especially when using closed comb razors this is important. When you are done shaving you should rinse your razor and dry it before placing it in a safety razor stand.

Also, do not forget to apply an after shave to calm and hydrate your skin. Usually, your skin can use some nourishing ingredients after shaving.
You can also use safety razors to shave your chest hair or even your head. It is a very versatile razor, and the quality level is generally high. And they are exceptionally durable as well.

Best men’s safety razor

When you are interested in purchasing a safety razor then you can check out the products in the Moquer shop below. Two immensely popular brands when it comes to double edge safety razors are German. Merkur Safety Razor and Mühle Safety Razor are frequently chosen because of their high quality and aesthetic looks. They also provide a lot of choice in open comb and closed comb safety razors.

Another interesting and popular brand is Rockwell Razors. This American brand even has adjustable safety razors to perfect your shaving experience for a very comfortable wet shave.

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