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About Shehvoo

Shehvoo has been founded in 2016 by the famous YouTuber Dre Drexler and his brother David. Dre Drexler has over 600.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and is a big influencer in the world of hair and fashion. As an influencer he encountered many different brands and hair products, so he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve when he created the Shehvoo brand.

Shehvoo is a family business that aims to create better alternatives for already existing products. They use better ingredients and make the products easier to use. With every product Shehvoo tries to set another step to be in the forefront of the industry. Their motto is: Your hair deserves better. You deserve better. You deserve Shehvoo.

Shehvoo and Moquer

Moquer started offering the products of Shehvoo in 2017 as one of the first companies in Europe. Moquer already knew Dre Drexler because of his huge YouTube channel, so when he announced his own brand, Moquer quickly made sure to carry it to make it more widely available for Shehvoo enthusiasts in Europe.

Shehvoo is not the first YouTube brand that has been added to the Moquer shop. That is why Moquer knew that many customers would be interested in the Dre Drexler products and that this brand would fit perfectly with the other brands that were being offered already.

The Shehvoo products

Dre Drexler has, like many other YouTubers in the hair and fashion niche, worked with many hair brands, so you legitimately could call him an expert. That is why all the products contain natural ingredients, but not any parabens or sulfates.

The most popular products of Shehvoo are the Ocean Sea Salt Spray and the Activating Oil Cleanser. This last product is very unique, because it is an alternative for regular shampoo. Your hair will be cleansed without stripping it of its natural oils.

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