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About Stickmore

Stickmore is a young brand founded by a marketing specialist (Jacob Giverink) and an excellent public relations manager (Cyrus World Peace). They really liked to experiment creating their own hair produts and that is how it all started.

The guys from Stickmore made over a hundred batches sometimes to tweak the formula until they were satisfied. With the help of friends, family and barbers they started their own brand called Stickmore, so that all men could try their great products.

Moquer and Stickmore

Late 2018 Moquer was approached by Cyrus because he wanted to make the products of Stickmore better available in Europe. Moquer definitely saw potential in this brand and that is how the collaboration started.

The Stickmore products are very unique and interesting. Moquer is always on the look-out for special homebrew products, so Stickmore was a welcome addition to the shop. That way there is a healthy mix of bigger and smaller brands.

The Stickmore products

Stickmore has a small but balanced line of products, so there is something for every man. They have a clay, cream, tonic and a few pomades. Especially the Clay Fiber and Styling Cream are popular because of their high hold and matte finish.

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  1. Lockharts Stickmore Strength Fiber Cement Paste 104 gr
    Lockhart's X Stickmore Strength Fiber Cement Paste 104 gr.
    Special Price €16.95 Regular Price €19.95
  2. Stickmore Clay Fiber 118 ml.
  3. Stickmore Styling Cream 118 ml
  4. Stickmore Boost Tonic 270 gr.
    Out of stock
  5. Stickmore Oil Based Pomade 118 ml.
  6. Stickmore Hybrid Pomade 118 ml.
  7. Stickmore Water Base 118 ml.
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7 Items

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