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Uppercut Deluxe

About Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe is an Australian brand founded by Luke Newman and Steve Purcell. The name is a reference to Luke’s grandfather, because his grandfather was a boxer with the nickname “Uppercut.” Both Luke and Steve have many years of experience in the barber industry and they did not think that current brands were breathing the correct vibe for their own barber shop.

That is why the came up with Uppercut Deluxe, a brand with traditional grooming products for men. The best example is perhaps their iconic pomades. So, Uppercut Deluxe was basically born out of frustration, because the other products did not live up to their expectations. And they are real barbers themselves, so they knew exactly what they wanted to create.

Uppercut Deluxe and Moquer

In 2015, about one year after the launch of Moquer, the Uppercut Deluxe brand was added to the shop. It is a real barber brand and that was exactly what Moquer was looking for at the time, because Moquer primarily had modern salon brands.

Uppercut Deluxe was already quite a big brand in 2015, so many men were looking for these products. That is why Uppercut Deluxe has been a very steady performer over the years. Especially their pomades are very popular. When Uppercut Deluxe is launching new products, you usually quickly can find them at Moquer.

The Uppercut Deluxe products

Uppercut Deluxe has a pretty elaborate range of grooming products nowadays. Especially their pomades are real classics. The most popular ones are the Uppercut Pomade and Matte Pomade. But nowadays you can basically find anything you need for your hair and beard in the Uppercut Deluxe product line, so have a look around!

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