After Shave

What is after shave?

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The name already suggests that after shave is meant for after shaving. Even though women shave parts as well an after shave is always associated with men and beards. After shave does come in many forms like the classic after shave, after shave balm or lotion.

Why use after shave?

After shave is the last step in a shaving routine. Especially when you prefer a classic wet shave it is nice to use a product to sooth and calm your skin and provide some hydration. That is why most men use an after shave when they are done shaving their beard.

When you do not use any after shave then you can get issues with irritation, redness, itching or little bumps. Shaving and especially wet shaving with a classical razor have some effect on your skin so it is important to take diligent care of your skin afterwards with healthy and nourishing ingredients.

When you use an electric razor, the hairs are not cut so close to the skin. That is why the result is not that smooth and your skin will have a milder reaction to it. An after shave is still recommended though because you need to restore the moisture balance of your skin to prevent irritation and redness.

Different versions of after shave for men

As said before there are many different versions of after shave. Every category has different properties to take care of your skin. Below I will talk about three after shave categories: classic after shave, after shave lotion and after shave balm. They are pretty similar of course, but there are significant differences as well.

Classic after shave

This is probably the after shave that most men think of when they hear the word after shave. A classic after shave usually contains alcohol so it burns a little bit when you apply it on the shaved area. It is also very liquidity in most cases.

A classic after shave is mentioned to minimize your pores and they have some antiseptic properties to sooth cuts and nicks. They have very classical fragrances usually like bay rum, whiskey, cognac and the like. This type of after shave works best for men with normal skin. For dry and sensitive skin, a classic after shave can be a bit harsh and drying because of the alcohol contents.

After shave lotion

An after shave lotion looks very much the same as a classic one, but they usually contain a bit more nourishing oils. They are still alcohol based but they have a thicker consistency compared to classic after shave products.

After shave lotions are also available in many different scents because of added fragrances. They nourish and calm your skin better and provide a cooling effect. That is why more men can bear after shave lotions better and they burn less when you apply them.

After shave balm

This product category is a bit newer but is gaining a lot of popularity. More men are choosing for better and nourishing ingredients to take good care of their skin, also after shaving. An after shave balm does not contain any alcohol or significantly less compared to the two categories above. Instead, it contains natural extracts, oils and other nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

That is why primarily men with dry or sensitive skin go for after shave balms. The ingredients do not only sooth and cool your skin, but they actually nourish and hydrate it to restore the moisture balance of your skin and repair skin damage.

The consistency of after shave balms is a bit thicker. It is creamier and usually you need to let it absorb a little bit. An after shave balm could almost be seen as a type of moisturizer for your skin.

Best men’s after shave

Which after shave is best for you depends on your preferences and your skin type. That is why there are so after shaves available.
A classic shaving brand with classic after shave is Clubman Pinaud. This brand has been around for centuries and has delicious fragrances. These after shaves work best for men with a normalskin because of the higher alcohol contents.

When your skin is a bit more sensitive or dry you can have a look at the German brand Mühle. This brand has after shave lotions and after shave balms with nourishing and healthy ingredients. Mühle has been an authority when it comes to shaving for more than 70 years.

Their after shaves are available in three scents: aloe vera, sandalwood and sea buckthorn.

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