Hair Powder

What is hair powder?

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Hair powder is a relatively new product that is quickly getting popular. It is a bit of a strange product that is either silica silylate based or based on potato, rice- or corn starch. A hair powder thickens your hair and adds volume. That is also why this product is populair to use as a pre-styler, but you can only apply it in dry hair.

Hair styling powder needs to be applied at the hair roots to achieve lift, volume, texture and a matte finish. It is great to give thin or fine hair a boost because it will make the hair look thicker and fuller. You can use hair powders by itself or as a pre-styler.

Properties of hair powder for men

The key property of hair powder is that it provides texture and volume. That is why they are also called volumizing hair powders or texturizing hair powders. It is best used by men with thin or fine hair as a pre-styler, but you should obviously not blow-dry your hair. Make sure it is applied at your roots to achieve the best results. After that you can apply another styling product for more hold and styling.

Hair powders usually provide a medium hold with a matte finish. They give a dry finish, so you can not easily see the scalp. Some hair powders can even help to minimize bald spots at the crown of your head.

How to use hair powder for men?

You should always apply a hair powder in dry hair. When you apply it in only slightly damp hair, then the powder will start to clump. It is best to apply the hair powder directly at your roots when you want to achieve the most volume and texture. Use your fingers to blend the powder in your hair.

Never use a blow-dryer after you have applied a hair powder. Afterwards you can apply your favourite hair wax, clay or paste to achieve more hold and styling.

What men's hairstyles work best with hair powder?

Hair hair powders work best for hairstyles with a lot of texture and a matte finish. And you can also use it as a pre-styler for looks that require a lot of volume. Examples that would work well with hair powder are faux hawks, french crops, fringe looks, textured quiffs and other messy or tousled hairstyles.

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