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Hair Clay

What is hair clay?

Hair clay is a hair styling product that usually has bentonite, kaolin or diatomaceous earth as the main ingredient. These are all natural clays that help to provide a strong hold and a matte finish. These clays absorb excessive oil from your hair, so your hairstyles will not be too shiny.

In general a hair styling clay works best for men with straight to wavy hair. In curly hair it can prove quite difficult to distribute a hair clay evenly and it will make your look very dry. When it comes to texture, then a clay can be used in thin, normal and thick hair, but in thin hair it is best to use a medium hold clay to minimize tug and pull.

Properties of hair clay

Hair clay is the driest hair styling product category. In many cases a hair clay is not that different from a hair wax, but a styling clay usually provides a slightly more matte finish and it also provides more volume. When it comes to hold then most hair clays will provide a medium to high hold. Basically all clays in the shop will leave your hair with a matte or semi-matte finish.

In thin hair it is best to use a hair clay that provides a medium hold. You can apply it in damp hair and then blow-dry your hair to make your hair look fuller and thicker. It will also get more volume. In normal to thick hair you can use a clay for hold and styling. In thick hair you need to be a little bit careful that the clay is not too dry to distribute.

The last property of a hair clay to mention is that it does not dry in your hair. Your hair stays flexible and restyling throughout the day is no problem. It will not harden like a pomade or hair gel for example. Clays provide a lot of texture and separation. It does not stick the hairs together, but it provides definition.

What hairstyles work best with hair clay?

The best looks to achieve with a hair clay are similar to those when using a hair wax. Clays work great for messy and tousled hairstyles that require a strong hold. A high volume quiff works well or for example a faux hawk, comb-over or just messy hairstyles with texture. For very tousled or messy hairstyles you can also use a medium hold clay.

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  1. Blumaan Cavalier Clay
  2. Forte Series Texture Clay 75 ml.
    Out of stock
  3. Hanz de Fuko Claymation 56 gr
  4. Anchors Hair Co. Courage Clay 118 ml.
  5. Mr Natty Clay 100 ml
  6. Faith and Integrity Frost Moon Clay 113 gr
    Faith and Integrity Frost Moon Clay 113 gr.
    Special Price €14.95 Regular Price €19.95
  7. Arcadian Rosa Styling Clay
  8. Blumaan Hybrid Cream Clay 74 gr.
  9. Duke & Hyde Hybrid Clay 50 ml.
    Out of stock
  10. TheSalonGuy Cream Hair Clay 75 gr
    Out of stock
  11. Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade 88 ml.
  12. Pete and Pedro Clay 59 ml.
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Items 1-21 of 101

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