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Hair Gel

What is hair gel?

Hair gel is a hair styling product that probably everybody will know. Primarily because of those big jars with fluorescent colors you can find in any supermarket or drugstore. The hair gel in our shop is slightly different with better ingredients, but the properties stay more or less the same.

When you would have a look at the ingredient list of a hair gel, you will almost always find water (or aqua) as the first ingredient. After water you will encounter copolymers (also known as PVP) and perhaps glycerine or panthenol for some hydration.

A hair gel can be used in all hair types and for any hair texture, but when you have thin or fine hair, you can easily see the scalp because gel sticks strands of hair together and provides a shiny finish.

Properties of hair gel

When it comes to properties, the most important one has been mentioned above: shine. Almost every hair gel will provide a lot of shine with a medium to strong hold. A hair gel looks a little bit like a water based hair pomade, but pomades are more versatile.

Hair gel is in most cases water based and it dries in your hair and gets hard. Once it is dried you can not restyle your hair anymore. That can be a advantage but also a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for. A hair gel will rinse out easily with just warm water.

A hair gel is not really a versatile hair styling product and primarily made to keep your hair up. You style your hair in the morning and it will stay the same whole day long. Restyling is not possible, unless you properly wet your hair again.

What hairstyles work best with hair gel?

Especially in the old days, but also still today, hair gel is made for spiky hair. Modern hair gels can also be used for slicker looks, like a slick-back for example.

Hairstyles that require a lot of hold and shine can be achieved with a hair gel, but it will harden and you can not go through your hair with your fingers. A hair gel basically always results in some kind of wet-look, especially when applied in damp hair.

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