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What is a classic wet shave?

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This method of shaving refers to the traditional way of shaving with a classic razor, like a safety razor, to get the smoothest result possible. You will also need a shaving soap or shaving cream that you apply with a shaving brush for the perfect wet shave.

Men appreciate the traditional wet shave because it is a very pleasant experience and a real treat to yourself. You can have it done at the barber, but you can also do it at home with the right products and tools.

A wet shave leads to the best result, and you can choose your own razor blades. Some razor blades are shaper than others and it depends on your skin type which ones work best for you.

Wet shaving is a beautiful tradition to keep up and honour. You have of course electric razors and disposable razors, but the result is not the same and they are worse for the environment. More and more men long back to the old skool wet shave.

How to wet shave?

The first step of a classic wet shave is a clean face, so use a face wash to cleanse your face. If you scrub your face occasionally, you should do this prior shaving. It actually improves the shaving experience.

Now it is time to wet your face with warm water or you can apply a hot towel. A hot towel shave works best because you leave the towel on your face for a little bit to soften your skin, open your pores and improve circulation.

After this it is time to apply a shaving soap or shaving cream, preferably with a shaving brush. When going for a traditional wet shave you use the shaving brush to create better shaving foam and it helps to lift the beard hairs for an easier shave. Apply the shaving foam in short strokes on your beard.

It is time to get a safety razor and some good razor blades to shave your beard. Use short strokes to shave your beard and do not forget to occasionally rinse your safety razor to prevent clogging.

When you finished your wet shave, it is best to rinse your face with cold water. You can also apply a cold towel because it helps to calm your skin and close your pores. Barbers do this often as well when you go for a full hot and cold towel shave.

And lastly it is time for a good after shave to calm and hydrate your skin. After shaves also do have antibacterial properties to prevent impurities. And that is how a classic wet shave works!

What do I need for a wet shave?

If you go for the best experience, you will need a safety razor with razor blades, a shaving brush with a shaving soap bowl, shaving soap, shaving towels and an after shave. 

The minimum you will need is a safety razor, shaving soap/cream and after shave, because without those three you cannot do a proper wet shave.

So, yes, it does require some effort to get into the classic wet shave experience, but the result is worth it, and you will also get better at it every time you shave. Your skin will also have to get used to it the first few times because a traditional wet shave shaves the beard hairs closer to the skin. And that is why the result is so smooth.

Best wet shaving products for men

In the Moquer shop below you can find all the wet shave products you will need. It will alleviate your shaving experience and provide you with the smoothest result. Especially Mühle, a high-quality German brand with a rich history, has a beautiful wet shaving products available. They have everything you could wish for.

Other great options to consider when you want to find a nice shaving soap, shaving cream or after shave, would be Taylor of Old Bond Street, Proraso, Jack Black or Baxter of California.

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