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Slick Gorilla

About Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla is a real classic barber brand from Leeds, the United Kingdom. This relatively new brand is developed for men that would like to look good in the ‘urban jungle.’ Slick Gorilla is a brand that you right away will associate with that classic barbershop feel. Think about walls with graffiti and men with beard and tattoos. Slick Gorilla just breathes that classic feel.

Slick Gorilla is more than just a brand with some hair products, because they have a big online community. Their Instagram has over 250.000 followers. Their profile contains many great hairstyles that are achieved with their products in barber shops all over the world.

Slick Gorilla and Moquer

Slick Gorilla has been available in the Moquer shop since 2017. The brand was especially interested because they were one of the first with a popular hair styling powder. Moquer did not have many products in this relatively new category, so Slick Gorilla was the ideal candidate to start working with to offer a hair powder.

Since that moment the Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder is actually the most popular volume powder in the Moquer shop, so the collaboration has been a success for years. It is a really great brand that fits well with the other old skool barber brands that are available.

The Slick Gorilla products

Slick Gorilla only has a few product, but as said before their most popular product is the hair powder. It provides a lot of volume with a matte finish. It can also help men with thin or fine hair to make their hair thicker and fuller.
Recently also the Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade became available on Moquer and that product can be combined with the hair powder for extra hold and styling. Both products provide a matte finish.

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