Face Scrub

What is face scrub?

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A face scrub or facial scrub is a special kind of cleanser for your face. It offers a deeper cleanser than a regular face wash, but slightly less deep compared to a face mask. Men’s skin is thicker compared to women’s and that is why a face scrub is an excellent idea sometimes.

A scrub exfoliates your skin to remove impurities and dirt from your pores. Pollutants and dead skin cells can cause pimples or acne when not removed in time. When they stay on your skin and in your pores, they can cause inflammations and blemishes.

Natural face scrub exfoliants for men contain special ingredients that provide the scrubbing or exfoliating effect. A few examples are charcoal or ground coffee beans or ground nut shells. These tiny particles scrub away dirt and pollutants.

When do you need a facial scrub as a man?

Especially when you have a normal to oily skin, it is recommended that you use a face scrub for some deeper cleansing. Oily skin is more prone to blemishes, so you want to minimize the chance of breakouts and pimples.

When you regularly have to deal with ingrown hairs, for example while shaving, then a face scrub exfoliant can help with that. The massaging effect of the little scrub particles help to straighten your (beard) hairs, so that they do not grow back into your skin.

How to use face scrub?

A facial scrub is applied after you washed your face with a facial cleanser, but before you apply a hydrating moisturizer. I definitely would recommend using a moisturizer after exfoliating your skin, because scrubbing can make your skin a bit dry.

It is best to use a face scrub about once or twice per week. You should not use it every time you are using a face wash for example, that would be too much. When you use an exfoliant too often, it can dry or damage your skin. There are only so many dead skin cells and pollutants to remove every time.

It is best to leave a few days between scrub sessions. When you would use a face scrub on Mondays and Thursdays, for example, would leave plenty of time for your face skin to recover and renew.

Best face scrub for men

In the Moquer shop you can find natural and premium face scrubs that are developed specifically for the thicker men’s skin. Because the skin is thicker, you will need different products than women do, so do not use your wives or girlfriend’s stuff.

A few popular face scrubs for men in the shop are those formulated by Lumin Skin, Brickell Men’s Products, Baxter of California, and Jack Black. These are premium exfoliants and you will not easily find those in drugstores or supermarkets.

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