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beard care products for menbeard care products for men

What is beard care?

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A beard consists of beard hairs, as most people will know. That is why a beard also needs proper maintenance. A beard might even need more cleansing and hydration than the hair on your head because it turns dry and dull faster.

Initially it seems very easy to take care of your beard. You just apply some beard oil, and you are done. And although beard oil is important, nowadays there are many more beard care products to keep that might beard of your healthy and hydrated. Some examples are beard shampoo, beard conditioner and beard balm.

Why is beard care important?

Proper beard care and maintenance is important for two reasons. The first reason is that the beard hairs itself need to be cleansed and hydrated. Beard hairs tend to curl faster and when your beard gets longer, then the elements start to effect it more. Think of wind, rain, or a lot of sun. All weather conditions that can make your beard very dry and dull. It would be a shame if you grew a majestic beard, but it looks kind of ugly.

The second reason is the skin underneath your beard. Cleansing and hydrating the skin under your beard is just as important as taking care of the beard itself. Dead skin cells can get stuck in your beard and then you get a flaky beard. Those white flakes in your beard are called beard dandruff. That is why it is very important to not forget about the skin underneath your beard.

Beard care products to consider

When you have grown your beard into something to be proud of, it is time to maintain it and properly care for it. Just like the hair on your head it is recommended to use a beard shampoo and afterwards a beard conditioner for some hydration.

And of course, a beard oil should always be used to hydrate your beard and skin, but also to provide that healthy sheen. A beard oil is like a hair oil for your beard. It contains numerous healthy oils for the best beard care. It provides hydration and protection.

So far maybe things you already knew. But did you also know you can style your beard, like you can style your hair? That is where beard balm and moustache wax come in. Those are great beard styling products to take your beard to the next level. They help to tame difficult hairs, like flyaway’s and they provide even more hydration.

Best beard care products

So, which beard products should you look at? In the Moquer shop you can of course find the famous beard care brands, like the famous beard oils by Proraso and the beard line of Reuzel, but I want to highlight a Texan brand called Billy Jealousy.

This brand has everything you need for your beard. They have multiple beard washes (their version of beard shampoo) and beard control (their beard conditioner). And they of course also have beard oil and beard balm. Even better are their beard care kits. In those beard kits you will find a beard brush to take even better care of your beard.

Recently we also added the brand Scotch Porter. This affordable brand is very popular in the United States and has a great beard product line. A brand to check out when you are looking to step up your beard care and maintenance level or when you just want to try something new.

Good luck with those beards, gentlemen!

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