What is a pre-styler?

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Pre-styling means that you apply a product in your hair before you apply a hair wax, clay, pomade or other styling product. It is basically a pre-treatment of your hair. That is why there are pre-stylers and post-stylers. A pre-styler can be a heat protectant spray for example to protect your hair while blow-drying. A post-styler can be a hair wax or clay used for hold and styling.

How to use a pre-styler?

There are different reasons to use a pre-styler. Most hair products are made with a specific goal and that is why a good look usuallyl requires multiple products to achieve the desired effect.

A pre-styler can help to make thin or fine hair thicker, so your hair gets some more volume. It can also help to protect your hair against the heat of blow-dryers or other heat-stylers. A pre-styling product can also help to make it easier to style your hair with a post-styler.

You apply a pre-styler usually in slightly damp hair and then you blow-dry your hair. When you use a volume powder, then you apply it in dry hair.

Different types of pre-stylers

Basically you could identify four types of pre-stylers and each group has its unique properties. Some post-stylers can be used as a pre-styler as well. A clay or wax can be used before blow-drying, but I will leave those out for now to keep it simple.

Pre-styling spray

A pre-styling spray is best used when you want to blow-dry your hair for more volume. It protects your hair against heat and it makes your hair easier to style afterwards. A pre-styling spray is basically some kind of primer for your hair.

Sea salt spray

A sea salt spray is one of the most popular pre-stylers for men. You apply it before blow-drying if you want more volume and texture. Your hair will become thicker and fuller, so it is great for men with fine or thin hair. Your hair will feel like you have spend a day at the beach.

Hair volume powder

Hair volume powder provides lift and thickens your hair. Contrary to the first two pre-stylers, this product is applied in dry hair. You will get a lot of texture and it can even help to minimize bald spots. Never blow-dry your hair after applying a volume hair powder.

Hair mousse

A hair mousse or foam is a product that you can apply in damp hair to achieve more volume and body. It swells up in your hair and makes it feel firmer. Apply it in damp hair and blow-dry your hair for the best results.

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