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About Proraso

Proraso is a company that exists for over three generations. The brand has been founded in 1908 in Florence, Italy. Ludovico Martelli founded the brand and since then Proraso has been an industry leader when it comes to shaving products for men.

Proraso manufacturers traditional products that stand the test of time. In the early days the products were used by many Italian barbers, but nowadays everybody can use the Proraso products at home as well.

The unique Proraso shaving products have become iconic and are well-known in the world of classic wet-shaving. When you use a safety razor and shave yourself at home, then you can now recreate that barber shop experience in your own home.

Proraso and Moquer

Originally Moquer was focused on hair styling products, but nowadays Moquer has everything a man needs to look and feel his best. So, also shaving products can be found in the shop. Proraso is such an iconic brand, so that was the perfect start to begin to offer more shaving products.

Since 2019 you can find the Proraso shaving products in the Moquer shop. This beautiful Italian brand is popular with a wide audience and the products are very affordable, so that is definitely a big pro.

The Proraso products

Proraso has four major product lines that each have their own colour. The products are known for their natural ingredients and they do not contain any parabens or sulfates.

The green line:

These products were the first ones that Proraso launched. They work with all beard types and they have a pleasant eucalyptus and menthol scent.

The white line:

The white Proraso product line has been developed for men with sensitive skin. The formulas contain green tea and oat extract to reduce redness and irritation. This line has a lime and apple scent.

The red line:

The products in the red line work best for men with thick and coarse beards. The formulas are enriched with shea butter to soften beard hairs and to improve the shaving experience. This Proraso line as a sandalwood scent.

The blue line:

The blue Proraso products provide a lot of hydration and nourish your skin. That makes it easier to shave very close to the skin. The formulas contain aloe vera and vitamin E. The scent has notes of amber and musk.

More recently Proraso also added a few beard oils to their product range, so if you actually want to keep your beard, then Proraso also has products for you to keep your beard hydrated and soft.

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