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Firsthand Supply has been founded by Filipe Inacio and Josh Hester in Boston, USA. Filipe could not find hair styling products for men that did not contain a lot of chemicals, so he started experimenting himself. After about 6 months the company did so well he could leave his day job to fully focus on Firsthand Supply.

The motto of Firsthand Supply is: “People matter, so we make products that matter.” And that means that everything matters, so the ingredients and the packaging all need to be the best quality and from the best sources. That is why Firsthand Supply also put a lot of effort in creating environmentally friendly packaging.

Firsthand Supply and Moquer

Late 2017 the collaboration between Firsthand Supply and Moquer started. Especially after their rebranding it was a great fit to the existing high quality brands that Moquer already offered. Firsthand Supply thinks about everything in the production chain, so everything is high quality.

Moquer loved their products, but also the story behind the Firsthand Supply brand. There are not many brands that work continuously to source their ingredients from the best suppliers and that also try to minimize the plastic use in their packaging. Moquer itself also tries to minimize the use of plastic from the packaging and shipping process.

Firsthand Supply Products

Firsthand Supply downsized their product line after the rebranding. They focused on a small line with all the essentials you need for your hair and body. All ingredients are ethically sourced and the formulas are as natural as they can be. All the packaging are also made from recycled plastic.

The hair styling products of Firsthand Supply are the most popular. Durable products that also perform very well. Firsthand Supply is a brand that keeps your hair in place, keeps it healthy and thinks about the ecological footprint of their products, so that you can enjoy it care-free.

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