Hair Setting Spray

What is hair setting spray?

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Hair setting spray is the default hair spray. It provides hold and shine, so that your hairstyle will stay in place longer. You apply it after you styled your hair with your favourite hair wax, pomade or other styling product.

Properties of hair setting spray

A hair setting spray helps you to keep your hair as you styled it. It will prolong the hold and add some shine. That is perfect for when you are outside a lot of or when you are going out to party.

It basically forms a protective layer and repels moisture, so that your hair will not lose its hold that fast. In many cases that means that your hair is getting a little bit hard, like when you use a water based pomade or hair gel.

A hair setting spray also helps to minimize frizz, because it creates a water resistant layer. So, it also helps to control flyaway’s.

What men's hairstyles work best with hair setting spray?

You can use a hair setting spray for any hairstyle, because it is not a styling spray. It is made to keep your hair as you styled it by prolong the hold and locking in your hairstyle.
A hair setting spray usually dries a bit, so if you want a hairstyle that you can easily restyle throughout the day, then you should try a different hair spray, like a sea salt spray or texture spray.

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