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Hair Paste

Hair paste is a little hard to define because it has a lot of similar properties compared to a wax and even clays. A paste is perhaps just a little less dry then a wax or clay and the hold is also a little less in general. But that often provides the ability to restyle your hair throughout the day, because it stays a little bit more smooth. The hold of a hair paste is mostly medium to high and the amount of shine is medium to low, but hair pastes can differ a lot. Hair pastes are very versatile products for definition, hold and a natural look. So, they are great as an easy to use all round hair product.

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  1. Blumaan Monarch Matte Paste 74 ml.
  2. Hanz de Fuko The Mini 4 Pack samples
  3. Pacinos Matte 118 ml.
  4. Mr. Cote Ultimate Paste 100 ml.
  5. Pacinos Matte Paste Travel Size 29 ml.
  6. Mr. Natty Paste Pomade Hair Preparation 100 ml.
  7. By Vilain Fiber Paste 65 ml.
  8. Dear Barber Fibre Shaper 100 ml.
  9. V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste 48 gr.
  10. Pete and Pedro Paste 59 ml.
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Items 1-21 of 47

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