Solid Cologne

What is a Solid Cologne?

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A solid cologne can also be called a solid perfume, and in some cases, people use the term solid fragrance. These are all pretty much the same. The name already suggests that these perfumes are solid instead of liquid. The formula usually contains a wax and that is why it is a more solid substance.

A solid perfume or solid cologne have a very similar feel as a beard balm. Especially the last few years these kind of products got more popular. Primarily men are big fans of these solid colognes, and for good reason.

Why Use a Solid Perfume?

A solid cologne has many benefits compared to regular perfumes. First of all, the perfume is usually a bit more concentrated, so you do not have to apply much of it. The scent will also be present longer because solid cologne stays on your skin a bit longer.

Another benefit of solid cologne is that it is very easy to take with you. You do not have to be afraid that it will leak over your gym clothes. And not very unimportant either, the price is usually better compared to regular perfumes. You just get more bang for your buck because solid perfume lasts longer.

The formula of solid cologne usually contains beeswax and multiple oils. These ingredients do not only smell nice, but they hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time. Solid cologne does not contain chemicals that can damage your skin.

How to Apply a Solid Cologne?

In many cases your solid perfume will come in some kind of tin that you can slide open. You take a little bit of product from the tin. In some cases, it can be better to use the back of your nail to press some solid cologne out of the tin.

Apply the solid perfume at the so-called ‘pulse points.’ These are spots on your body where your veins run closer to the skin’s surface. Examples would be your wrists, neck, and behind your ears. Perfume needs some heat to disperse the scent.

So, just apply a bit of solid cologne on these spots and enjoy the scent. The solid perfumes are easy to take with you in your pocket or gym bag, so just re-apply later when desired.

Best Men’s Solid Cologne

Only recently Moquer started to offer natural solid colognes for men. The first brand that has been chosen is right away a great one, Solid State. Solid State Colognes are popular Australian product that come in a beautiful packaging.

In the future more solid perfumes will be added produced by other natural men’s brands.

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