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About Hanz de Fuko

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Hanz de Fuko is founded in 2009 in San Francisco, USA. Founders Christopher Zhent and David Alfonso were looking for more creativity and individualism with their brand. The Hanz de Fuko concept is creating unique products so that every man can achieve hairstyles that really fit their personality. Stay true to yourself and always try to improve. That is the Hanz de Fuko motto.

Hanz de Fuko and Moquer

Hanz de Fuko has been available in the shop since day one. Hanz de Fuko is one of the strongest brands since 2014. Moquer popularized the brand in the Netherlands and Belgium and is one of the official resellers of Hanz de Fuko products. Because of their high quality and unique products, Hanz de Fuko is still one of the most popular brands in the shop.

Hanz de Fuko is a real salon brand for men, so it fits well with the other products available on Moquer. High quality products in a minimalist packaging that embody a luxury feeling. Moquer is proud on this long and steady collaboration.

Hanz de Fuko Products

Hanz de Fuko focuses primarily on hair styling and hair care products. The Claymation, Quicksand and Natural Shampoo are the most popular products. Since a while they also have some skin care products available.

There are quite some reviews on Moquer of customers that tried Hanz de Fuko products, so these reviews can help you with your choice. There is also a Hanz de Fuko Mini Tester Kit with 4 samples. All products are paraben and sulfate free. The formulas contain natural and organic ingredients.

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