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Seven Potions has been founded in 2014 by John Bouridis in the United Kingdom. The products in the men’s grooming industry were mediocre at best in his eyes, so he started to create his own products. In 2015 the first Seven Potions products were launched.

When Seven Potions is formulated products and designing packaging, they keep the wishes of the customer in their minds. Alle products are strictly tested, and they adhere to the highest standards. The mission of Seven Potions is to create high quality products for men and give men a confidence boost.

Seven Potions and Moquer

Moquer started carrying a few Seven Potions products late 2022. This brand has proven itself with their natural formulas and premium products for men. That is why this brand deserves to be in the shop and it is a great addition to similar brands Moquer already carries.

Moquer was primarily interested in their beard care products because the Seven Potions beard care products are getting increasingly more popular.

Seven Potions Products

This brand has an extensive line of premium products for men and Moquer added a couple of them in the shop. The Seven Potions products do not contain any parabens or sulphates and all formulas are completely vegan.

The products contain many natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate your hair and beard. Especially their beard oils are very popular because they nourish your beards with healthy oils.

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