Hair Wax

What is hair wax?

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Hair wax is a hair styling product that has wax as a the main ingredient. Usually this will be beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, castor wax, lanolin or ozokerite for example. That is why a hair wax is usually pretty firm and stiff compared to a hair gel, cream or pomade.

In general hair wax works best for men with straight to wavy hair with a normal to thick texture. Hair wax is a very versatile hair styling product.

Properties of hair wax

A hair wax is relatively dry and that is why it provides a medium so strong hold. Your hair will stay in place. Nowadays most hair waxes do not provide a lot of shine, because most men like natural and matte finish hairstyles. That is also why most hair waxes in the shop have a medium to matte finish.

Another important property of hair wax is that it does not dry in your hair. It does not crunch up like a hair gel or water based pomade sometimes does. A hair wax keeps your hair flexible and makes it able to restyle your hair throughout the day. Hair wax also smoothens your hair a bit, so it does not get as dry as when using a hair clay.

What hairstyles work best with hair wax?

The best type of hairstyles to achieve with hair wax are messy and tousled looks. You should not go for to groomed or slick hairstyles. Examples that work well with hair wax are quiffs, faux hawks, comb-overs and undercuts for example. You could try a side-part of slick-back look, but it will not nearly as groomed as when using a pomade. A hair wax is meant to keep your hair up and to provide definition.

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