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We ship to most European Union countries and a few others. For all exact destinations please see our list below. When you place your order you will receive a confirmation of your order in your e-mail. After that you can expect your package between 3-10 Business Days for European orders and in about 6-11 Business Days for international orders. It all depends on your location.

Your order gets shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands and your order will be shipped with tracking. You will receive a tracking e-mail, but sometimes this e-mail ends up in your spam, so be aware of that. We ask you to check your address carefully and write it down exactly as your local delivery company knows it, so that there are no address errors or miscommunications. We also ask for a phone number, because shipping companies ask for this and it improves the change of a succesful delivery.


Brexit does not impact our shipments to the United Kingdom. Just be aware that the delivery may take a bit longer because of customs checks.

Tax and customs

If you live in an EU country, then you will be charged local VAT (sales tax) since July 1st 2021, so the same percentage as in your home country. This will be calculated in the checkout. You will not be charged any custom duties in your country.

If you live in a country outside of the EU, you will not be charged 21% sales tax. This will be deducted in the checkout. We are not responsible for any custom duties or import taxes that your country potentially charges.


When you have a tracking code that starts with CEN, then you can track your order here. If you have a tracking code that starts with LA or 3S, then you can track your order here

We ship to the following destinations

Country Shipping cost per order Delivery in Business Days
Australia €8,22 9-11
Austria €7,88 5-7
Belgium €5,95 (Free for orders over €25) 1
Bulgaria €11,85 8-10
Canada €8,22 9-11
Croatia €12,35 7-9
Cyprus €17,65 7-9
Czechia €9,95 6-8
Denmark €8,21 8-10
Estonia €12,84 8-10
Finland €9,17 8-10
France €6,89 4-6
Germany €5,85 (Free for orders over €35) 2-3
Greece €22,49 6-8
Hungary €12,54 7-9
Ireland €7,06 4-6
Israel €6,57 6-8
Italy €8,02 5-7
Japan €18,14 9-11
Latvia €12,95 8-10
Lithuania €11,95 8-10
Luxembourg €6,72 5-7
Malta €20,43 6-8
Netherlands €4,95 (Free for orders over €25) 1
New Zealand €8,22 9-11
Norway €8,22 8-10
Poland €10,11 7-9
Portugal €7,06 7-9
Romania €12,74 8-10
Serbia €8,22 8-10
Singapore €17,31 7-9
Slovakia €10,86 7-9
Slovenia €11,04 7-9
South-Korea €14,01 9-11
Spain €6,95 6-8
Sweden €9,25 8-10
Switzerland €7,40 6-8
United Kingdom €5,95 4-6
United States €10,70 8-10