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We ship to most European Union countries and a few others. For all exact destinations please see our list below. When you place your order you will receive a confirmation of your order in your e-mail. After that you can expect your package between 3-10 Business Days for European orders and in about 6-11 Business Days for international orders. It all depends on your location.

Your order gets shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands and your order will be shipped with tracking. You will receive a tracking e-mail, but sometimes this e-mail ends up in your spam, so be aware of that. We ask you to check your address carefully and write it down exactly as your local delivery company knows it, so that there are no address errors or miscommunications. We also ask for a phone number, because shipping companies ask for this and it improves the change of a succesful delivery.

Corona crisis

We are still fully operational and will process your order with the utmost care. Shipping companies are understaffed sometimes, so it can take a little bit longer than usual to receive your order. If you order before 11pm CET, we make sure your order gets processed the same day, but we depend on the shipping companies for the delivery.


Brexit does not impact our shipments to the United Kingdom. Just be aware that the delivery may take a bit longer because of customs checks.

Country Shipping Costs Delivery Time
in Business Days
Tracked Delivery?
Australia €9,95 9-11 Yes
Austria €7,95 5-7 Yes
Belgium €5,95 (FREE for orders above €25) 1 Yes
Bulgaria €11,95 8-10 Yes
Canada €9,95 9-11 Yes
Croatia €11,95 7-9 Yes
Cyprus €17,95 7-9 Yes
Czech Republic €9,95 6-8 Yes
Denmark €7,95 8-10 Yes
Estonia €12,95 8-10 Yes
Finland €8,95 8-10 Yes
France €6,95 5-7 Yes
Germany €5,95 (FREE for orders above €35) 2-3 Yes
Greece €21,95 6-8 Yes
Hungary €11,95 7-9 Yes
Ireland €6,95 4-6 Yes
Israel €7,95 6-8 Yes
Italy €7,95 5-7 Yes
Japan €21,95 9-11 Yes
Latvia €12,95 8-10 Yes
Lithuania €11,95 8-10 Yes
Luxembourg €6,95 5-7 Yes
Malta €20,95 6-8 Yes
Netherlands €4,95 (FREE for orders above €25) 1 Yes
New Zealand €9,95 9-11 Yes
Norway €8,95 8-10 Yes
Poland €9,95 7-9 Yes
Portugal €6,95 7-9 Yes
Romania €12,95 8-10 Yes
Serbia €9,95 8-10 Yes
Singapore €20,95 6-8 Yes
Slovakia €10,95 7-9 Yes
Slovenia €10,95 7-9 Yes
South-Korea €16,95 9-11 Yes
Spain €6,95 6-8 Yes
Sweden €8,95 8-10 Yes
Switzerland €8,95 6-8 Yes
United Kingdom €5,95 4-6 Yes
United States €12,95 8-10 Yes

*Please be aware that custom duties can be incurred. We are not responsible for these duties and for questions about these duties we refer you to your local customs office. They charge the duties, so those duties are not included in our invoices. Especially orders that are shipped to locations outside the European Union can be subjected to this.