Shaving Cream

What is shaving cream?

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Shave cream for men is often used in combination with a classic razor, like safety razor, by men that prefer to wet shave. Shaving creams usually come in convenient round jars or tubes that you can take it right out off. Unlike shaving soap, you do not have to create any lather.

So, that is a big benefit of shaving cream, that you can use it right away. It already has the thicker texture that is easy to apply with your hands or a shaving rush before shaving with a safety razor.

Benefits of men’s shaving cream

Shave cream contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients to soften beard hairs and calm your skin. That helps to minimize the chance of getting razor burn, red spots or little cuts and nicks.
When you are going for a classic wet shave and use a shaving cream in combination with a classic razor, like a double edge safety razor, then you can shave very close to your skin and that results in an exceptionally smooth feeling.

Basically, men’s shaving cream provides a protective layer between your skin and your razor blade, so that you get a comfortable shave while minimizing irritation.

How to use shaving cream?

Shaving cream is ready to use when you get it out of the packaging, so you do not have to create lather. Make sure you wet your face with lukewarm water or that you apply a hot towel before applying the shaving cream.

You can use your hands to apply shaving cream for men, but the best result is when you use a shaving brush. It helps to apply an even layer and it helps to lift the hairs and put them straight up for an easier shave.

When you choose to apply the shaving cream with a shaving brush you should use short and swift strokes to evenly apply it on the area you wish to shave.

Best shaving cream for men

Shaving creams are primarily popular with men that prefer a classic wet shave, but also like some convenient and less effort. There are many excellent brands with shave cream, but Proraso and Taylor of Old Bond Street are good to highlight.

Proraso is an Italian brand and has been used for decades by men. Their shaving creams are easy to use and also very affordable. They have different shave creams for men available, depending on your skin type.

As the name suggest, Taylor of Old Bond Street is a classic British shaving brand for men. This brand has many different shaving creams to choose from in all kinds of pleasant scents.
These are just a few examples of the best men’s shaving creams in the Moquer shop, but we offer many more products, so have a look below!

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