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Mr Bear Family was established in 2012 in Sweden. You might not believe it, but it was the first beard care brand in Sweden at that time. Nowadays, they are a well-known name in the world of beards, but they also have various other product lines for men. Björn Landén is the founder of Mr Bear Family, and of course, he sports a beard. He wasn't just looking for beard products; he also cared about the ingredients, where it was produced, and the environmental impact of the products.

That's why he started Mr Bear Family, and the vision is clear: "We don't want to become the biggest brand in the world, but to produce the best products." At Mr Bear Family, they don't take shortcuts; they aim for good products and quality. That's why Mr Bear Family products are good for you and good for the environment.

Mr. Bear Family and Moquer

When Moquer started focusing more on beard products, Mr. Bear Family quickly became prominent. This brand started purely as a beard brand, so it had to be included when offering quality beard products. That's why, in mid-2023, Moquer began adding various beard care products from Mr Bear Family. Additionally, it's great to be able to offer multiple Swedish brands in the Moquer shop to balance our many American brands.

The selection of Mr Bear Family products in the Moquer shop is still modest, but there will certainly be more products in the future. Especially now that multiple product lines from this fantastic men's brand are available.

Mr Bear Family Products

As mentioned, they started with beard care products. It's not surprising that the Mr Bear Family Beard Balm and Mr Bear Family Beard Oil are popular items. But even the Mr Bear Family Pomade Matt Clay is well-received among our hair styling product fans. And that's just a small sample from the range.

Mr. Bear Family also offers skincare products, shaving products, and even tattoo care products for men. So, you can expect to see more products added to the Moquer shop in the future.

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