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Henson Shaving is a Canadian brand with remarkably high quality safety razors, but originally, they are known for something completely different. Henson has been a manufacturer of parts for aerospace projects for over 20 years. They worked on multiple large projects. That precision came in handy when they started focusing on classic safety razors. Their knack for detail and precision you will find back in their razors.

Many well-known brands want to sell your as many razorblades as possible, but those are all disposable razorblades. Henson Shaving did not want to play that game because that is not in their DNA. That resulted in the Henson Al13, an aluminium double edge safety razor. Yes, aluminium is also the thirteenth element in the periodic table. A Henson Shaving razor cost you some money once and the blades are only like 10 or 20 cents apiece.

Hensonshaving and Moquer

Moquer is no stranger in the world of classic razors and Henson Shaving is a great example of a premium manufacturer of classic safety razors. That was a great addition to all the classic razors already offered in the shop. A big bonus is the various colours that the Henson Al13 comes available in, so you actually have something to choose over only plain aluminium.

And it is also a great fun detail that a brand as Henson started as a professional manufacturer of parts for aerospace projects and is now a well-known manufacturer of premium double edge safety razors. Then you just know you do not have to worry about the quality because you cannot make mistakes when producing parts for space missions.

Henson Razors

The first Henson Razor was the Henson Al13 and that one is available in a medium and mild version. This first option is the sharpest and great to use for more advanced wet-shavers while the mild option is more forgiving and better for people that are new to wet-shaving. You can store your Henson Razor very stylish in the Henson Razor Stand. A razor stand is also just more hygienic compared to putting your razor on your bathroom sink.

Nowadays there is also a Henson Razor made out of titanium, so even a step up again. The design of the Henson Shaving Razors is incredible and available in multiple interesting and stylish colours, like copper, tan, jet black, and aircraft aluminium.

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