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Lockhart's Pomade

About Lockhart’s Pomade

Lockhart’s Pomade is an American company founded by Steve and Nichole Lockhart. That also right away explains the name of the brand. Since 2013 they create pomades based on their customers desires. They listen carefully to their community and formulate products based on your feedback.

An often heard complaint was that heavy hold pomades are difficult to apply and that people experience tug and pull or that heavy hold pomades do not have enough shine. These are grievances that Steve listened to and he formulated the Lockhart’s Pomades based on that. In the future many new pomades will follow.

Lockhart’s Pomade and Moquer

The collaboration between Lockhart’s Pomade and Moquer began in 2016. Initially Moquer started with a lot of salon brands, but later more homebrew brands were added and Lockhart’s Pomade is a great example of that.

Lockhart’s Pomade is a real family business with handmade products and carefully selected ingredients. Many men in Europe can appreciate this approach and that is why Moquer decided to make these products better available in Europe.

The Lockhart’s Pomade products

Steve of Lockhart’s Pomade likes to experiment and that is why they can offer unique formulas that you usually will not be able to find at bigger manufacturers. They create their products by hand and in-house with healthy ingredients.

Lockhart’s Pomade has a great line of water and oil based pomades for men. The products are affordable and come in nice tin cans. It is also worth mentioning the Tarot Sessions line, because the products are a collaboration with other homebrewers and the artwork is amazing.

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