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Dauntless Grooming is a relatively new brand founded in 2019 by Mike Smith. His brother died in 2012 and he was a big fan of fashion and grooming, so Mike started to look into this world as a tribute to him. Mike Smith tried many hair styling products and reviewed them on his YouTube channel ModernManTV.

At some point he wanted to create his own product and after 3 years of trial and error he launched his first product to the public and Dauntless Grooming was born. Dauntless is a real family business because his wife and young son are involved as well.

Dauntless Grooming and Moquer

Only a few months after the launch of Dauntless Grooming it was already available in the Moquer shop. Chris knew Mike Smith because of his ModernManTV, so the choice to start selling Dauntless products was quickly made. Moquer has many other YouTube brands, so this one was a welcome addition.

Moquer was one of the first companies in Europe that embraced the Dauntless Grooming products and made them better available in the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.

Dauntless Grooming Products

Dauntless Grooming has a small and balanced product line. There is a hair paste, pomade, wax and grooming oils. There also has been a collaboration with Cody Branson of Flagship Pomade, one of the mentors of Mike Smith.

The products are handmade with natural ingredients and they get a lot of support from the homebrew community. And obviously there are plenty of videos on YouTube to see what the Dauntless Grooming products can do for you.

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