Body Lotion

What is body lotion?

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A body lotion for men is usually the last step in a good body skincare routine. After you cleansed your skin with a body wash, body scrub or soap bar, it is time for hydration. A body lotion or body moisturizer nourishes and hydrates your skin with important nutrients and extracts to restore the moisture balance.

A body lotion is moisturizer for your body. The difference is that a body lotion is developed for the thicker skin of your body. The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate and requires less hydration. That is why a regular moisturizer is not sufficient for your body.

Benefits of a body lotion for men

The primary objective of a body lotion or body moisturizer is hydrating your skin after you cleansed it with one or multiple body care products. Cleansing your skin, even with the best products, can make your skin a bit dry or right. That is why it is so important to finish your skincare routine with a natural body lotion. Compared to women, men’s skin is thicker, so it requires a different kind of body lotion.

A body lotion or body cream also help to make your skin firmer. Especially men that have dry skin benefit from the nourishing and hydrating properties of a body lotion. If you do not use any, you can get flaky, itchy, or red skin after you get out of the shower.

Can you use body lotion on your face?

No, I would not recommend using body lotion for your face. As said before, the skin on your face and the rest of your body is not the same. A body lotion is formulated to hydrate your body’s thicker skin. It will be too much for your face and that can cause oily skin or even acne. Your pores will get clogged by the thicker consistency.

Use a moisturizer for your face and a body lotion for the rest of your body.

When should I apply a body lotion?

The last step of a proper skincare routine for your body is the hydration phase. So, you apply a body lotion when you get out of the shower and towel dried your skin. It is important that your skin is completely patted dry before applying a body lotion. When your skin is still damp, the body lotion does not get absorbed as well.

When you are done showering and used a body wash or scrub your skin can feel tight or dry. An itchy feeling is also not uncommon. Especially when you know you have dry skin, you should always end your shower session with a nourishing body lotion to restore the moisture balance of your skin.

Even when you have oily or acne prone skin, you still should hydrate your skin when stepping out of the shower. It is tempting to not use anything and dry your skin in the hopes of getting rid of pimples or acne, but you will achieve the opposite result.

When your skin is too dry, it will overcompensate and start to produce more sebum, your skin’s natural oil. But too much sebum will clog your pores and lead to impurities. So, it is a delicate balance, but you should still apply some thin layer of body lotion.

Best body lotion for men

A body lotion might sound like a product for women, but that idea belongs in the past. In the Moquer shop we have an excellent selection of body lotions that are formulated for the thicker skin that men have.

A few popular skincare brands for men with excellent body lotions are Jack Black, Brickell Men’s Products and Lumin Skin. Jack black has even three different types of body lotion, so there will always be one that works best for your skin type.

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